Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We have our very first fundraiser this Friday night Feb. 13th, 7-9pm at It's a Grind Coffee House. It's a free event with donations taken for our adoption! The addres is 2010 E. Carson St. in Long Beach. If you have a free night and want to support us stop by.

Also we will be having a garage sale on Feb. 21st, so if you have any junk you want to donate all proceeds go toward the adoption...Thanks.

Here is a poem Charlie wrote the other day when he was thinking of our little child to be...

The Gift That Goes Both Ways by Charlie Beal

I’ve been in this world for six months alone
The only women that I’ve ever known are suddenly gone
Now I’m surrounded by this couple and a little one too
Everything around me seems so scary and new

Fast forward three months, I’m changing inside
All my unheard cries are quickly falling by the wayside
The house is warm, not like that room where I used to lay
These people say the words “I love you” each and every day.

What these words mean, I’m still not entirely sure of,
But I’m positive that these people were sent to me from above
It’s weird, when I smile, they smile, could it be true
that possibly I was sent by God as a gift for them too?

Fast forward another three months, my birthday’s today
Surrounded by friends and family, I laugh and I play.
I eat cake, open presents, and I’m starting to see
I belong in this place, this is my family

As I lay in my crib at night, they surround me and pray
A feeling rushes over me that I haven’t felt til today
They finish up, give hugs and kisses and as they’re leaving my room
They say “I love you” and for the first time I say “I love you, too.”

As I drift off to sleep this feeling doesn’t leave me
Without the love of God this feeling just could not be
Am I a gift to them too? I thought back in those days
I thank you Jesus for this gift that truly goes both ways.

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