Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God is always good...

It is times like these that I remember God's goodness. Sad at times it takes something like a donor offering to pay for all three of our plane tickets to Ethiopia to remember...but God works in these times.

First of all how amazing!! Charlie has a work connection that has developed into a friendship and everyone at that company just loves Charlie. Charlie's boss was telling the owner of this company about our adoption and the finances involved and right on the spot he offered to pay for two of our plane tickets while charlie's amazing boss also wanted to pay for the third ticket. We were and are praising God for his provision and continued confirmation this is where He wants us to be...God is so good.

As I was praying and praising God, He was gently reminding me that He is ALWAYS good...He was good when my mom was in the hospital and we thought we might lose her...when emmy was born...when a child dies...when someone accepts His salvation...when someone doesn't...when I praise Him...and when I don't. God is ALWAYS good. Recieving a gift as we have today it's just an added blessing in this life He gave me. I will take it and praise Him still and say in faith, God you are always good. Thank you Jesus! :D