Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Emmy Grace...

I am not a pro at the blogging yet so these pictures posted backwards. The picture at the bottom of the post is first and the picture at the top is last. Sorry!! :D
We had a great day yesterday celebrating our sweet Emmy's birthday. She is four years old!! I don't know how that happened...honestly. She is so sweet, loving, funny, kind, caring, and just adorable. She has lots of questions and lots of love. We just love, love, love being parents to such a beautiful girl inside and out. We are so blessed by our sweet Emmy Grace. Thank you Jesus for our sweet little surprise you blessed us with four years ago!! :D

The day was a blast as you can see.

Queen Mommy and her princess

The staff at Ariel's grotto singing Happy Birthday to Emmy...she was embarrassed.

The King with princess Ariel

Emmy got to dress up and meet the real Ariel!

Emmy magicially transformed into Ariel at Disneyland

Emmy picked It's a Grind for her birthday breakfast...Chocolate milk and a bagel. :D


  1. Happy Birthday Emmy!! :) BTW thank you for your music on here. I just had a time of worship with Jesus while listening to Mighty to Save.

  2. I am glad you had a great worship time...I love these songs!! :D