Monday, May 10, 2010

1st Birthday and Mother's Day

We celebrated Jeremiah's 1st birthday May 7th. We choose May 7th with the help of our physician. Jeremiah was most likely born before this day...we just can't know for sure. It really doesn't matter though because God knows.

It may be hard for him later in life to know he doesn't know his actual birthday. I know the date and time Emmy was born. I know all the details...I am sad I don't know these things for Jeremiah. So I was thinking about all of this Sunday and I realized how special it is that he has a secret with God. No one on earth knows the day or the time Jeremiah was born except his birth mom or dad whom we will never know until we pass through this life onto the next. But God knows...That is Jeremiah's little secret with God. Although it will be hard for him I want him to know how special it is that He and God have a secret together. A secret that Jeremiah will know one day...

Two days later I celebrated Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day as a mom to TWO children. A dream of mine that has come true. I always wanted alot of kids and never knew how they would all come to be...slowly I am finding out. I just couldn't help but think of Jeremiah's birthmom. I am sure every Birthday, Mother's Day, Graduation Days, etc. I will think of her and pray for her. My prayer is always that she will come to know the Lord if she doesn't already. I also always pray for comfort, and peace for her to know Jeremiah is safe and with a family who loves him as their own. Thank you for giving him LIFE.

We are praying about adopting again. This time an older child. A child who most likely would not be "chosen" because they have extra "baggage". Although my heart is already on board I am also mentally preparing/praying about this because I know how selfish I am!! :D I know it would be a challenge in so many ways...I know I would be blessed to be apart of it all...but that selfishness just resides in me. I am praying alot about this.

Biological or adopted; we are just excited to see our family unfold. We are so blessed to have Jeremiah and Emmy. To have more would just let our cup overflow!!

We love you Emmy and Jeremiah!

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  1. Yay for more kids!! :) Love your heart for Jeremiahs birth mom. Love you bub