Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Vacation...

So we are in beautiful Central Oregon (BEND, OR to be exact) for our family vacation, post graduation getaway trip! We are having a blast and love, love, LOVE it here.

Random thought I will share with you...this morning I went running on this beautiful trail two minutes from my sisters house. It's much harder for me to run here because of the altitude, yet at the same time the beauty distracts so perfectly you don't need an ipod and find yourself continuing past your normal stopping point because you want to keep seeing the beautiful views!! It's awesome. I stopped at this one part and stretched and just enjoyed the view. I was praying and just in awe that God spoke into existence this beautiful, marvelous world with just His words. He so beautifully fashioned each and every animal, plant, flower, mountain, river, rock everything with His strong powerful words. He took such care and detail to create it all for us to ENJOY! What a beautiful thought. This led me to think how God has and will beautifully fashion my life. He already has the plan and He is step by step putting together what He wants for Charlie, Emmy and I. He will carefully plan, and create with such detail what His best is for us. I need to TRUST HIM. (Do you see a pattern here?!) Trust in His timing, His plan, His grace to save me when I go off His path. He is good.

Please pray for peace in our hearts as we are getting closer questions arise, doubts, fears, excitement we can't contain, and such a longing for this sweet child to be in our arms. Pray for the ORPHANS around the world. Pray that God will ensure justice for these children without a parent/family to stand up for them. PRAY to our mighty God to rescue the fatherless. That they would know they have a heavenly father...

Thank you faithful prayer warriors! :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting...and Praying.

So sorry it's been so long since I've written. It's been a crazy two weeks.

First Charlie finished School!!!! This truely deserves a page full of exclamation points but these four will have to do. {wink} We are so proud of our Charlie for accomplishing this major milestone. Although it was a rough 3 year ride we are at the end looking back saying THANK YOU JESUS for helping us all through this. Truely it is all by the grace of God. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Second, I finished all our our paperwork for the adoption!!!! Yet again I need a page full of exclamation points. Agh...It was alot of work. It really really was. I have to be honest and say I am having some doubts...worries...concerns. Emmy and I went to LA today to get our state certification done and I was praying the whole time. I was just overwhelmed with everything. How are we going to get $7,500.00 in a couple weeks, what if our child is sick, how long will the referal process take, should we bring emmy to ethiopia, what if I get pregnant and we have to stop the process, what if the adoption is haulted, what if we don't pass court over and over like so many others, etc.

Well if any of you have driven to LA, cars like to cut you off often. During my many visits there I have learned this. Well once again a car cut me off. On the bumper was a sticker that read "Jesus es mi paz." I was so comforted by this sticker even if the driver was an idiot. {Joke} Jesus is my peace....I repeated this man times. Alone in HIM I will have peace and rest in His plan for our family. Whatever it looks like. All I can do is trust Him...and I will.

Well we leave this Friday for Oregon for two weeks and we could really use your prayers as we start this new journey of no school and no adoption paperwork. We really are praying for God's guidance to show us where we should be living, and what we should invest our time in while we wait for our little Ethiopian prince or princess. :D We would appreciate prayer for our 171-H to arrive quickly also. Thank you everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

USCIS Application turned in...

So...we turned in our USCIS application. We are really getting closer to turning our dossier in and being on the waiting list. The processing time for USCIS is approximately 6-8 weeks right now. Pray with us for God's favor and for the Lord to move swifly. We only want the child He has for us...the child that is supposed to have the last name Beal...who is supposed to be emmy's brother or sister...and who is supposed to be our daughter or son. So if it takes longer we too know this means that child, our child is not ready yet. Thank you so much for your prayers!! :D