Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We've been busy...

So we haven't been around lately because...

We've been busy. Everyone says that but really we have been!! :-)

A few updates

1. We are pregnant. Since we've been blog absent for so long I am now 32 weeks. We weren't expecting this to happen so soon but we are excited!

2. We found out the two boys that we were praying about and for have a family!!!! We couldn't pursue adopting them because we found out we were pregnant. It was bittersweet but we knew God had a plan. Obviously those sweet boys were meant to be with another family.

3. Jeremiah is talking NON STOP! It is so cute. We just love hearing him mimic and talk in sentences. Hearing car, car, car, truck, truck, truck...BIG TRUCK, BIG TRUCK, BIG TRUCK over and over in the car can get annoying though. ;-)

4. Emmy has lost two teeth now! She is swimming like a pro and is an amazing sister.

5. We are LOVING summer! We are soaking it up, going to the pool everyday!

6. We are still praying about God's plan for our fourth child. We believe God wants us to adopt again. Both Charlie and I feel passionately about this. We are praying for God's leading!

7. I am on the Board of Directors for our Agency in my state of Oregon. I am excited for this opportunity!

8. We just went to court for Jeremiah's adoption ceremony. It was such a special day!! Charlie wrote about it so I will post that next.

Well that is all the updates I can think of...Blessings!!