Monday, August 3, 2009

DTE 8/7/09

Our dossier was recieved by our family coordinator and she said everything looked good!! Yay! We don't have to do anything else before it's authenticated and mailed to Ethiopia. They will mail our papers to Ethiopia on 8/7/09. This is our DTE (date to ethiopia) and they use this date to determine our family waiting number. We have a number but they don't share it with us for confidentiality purposes. I don't exactly know why but our DTE is what we base our wait time on. So by 1/7/09 we could possibly have a referral. It could also be as late as 4/7/09. We are just praying that the child God has for our family would be healthy and safe. That God would work in the hearts of the judge to look favorably on our papers and that we can bring our child home soon. I didn't know how I would feel during this time but I can tell you I am more anxious than I was while expecting Emmy.

It's funny how we can fool ourselves into thinking we are in control and that although I trusted God with Emmy I really felt like I was somewhat in control because I had her with me at all my belly. ;D My second child I don't have with me at all. Not even in the same state, let alone same country. He/She is pretty much as far away as you could get from another person. Are you sensing what I am going to say next?! {grin}

God is teaching me (us) to trust, TRUST in Him and His goodness. He was watching over Emmy and protecting her from unknowns and He is watching and protecting our sweet Ethiopian prince or princess from unknowns...and I (we) need to rest in that. And I do!! Most of the time :D

If you want to know how you can pray for us over the next 5-8 months (could be longer I guess...) I will write our prayer requests for you. Thank you so much for all your support. We appreciate you!

1. Pray for peace. Trust that God is taking care of every detail.
2. Pray for finances...we are joining a fundraiser soon where you can purchase YUMMY coffee straight from Ethiopia (Coffee's home country) and proceeds will go directly to our adoption. Details to follow! :D
3. Pray for wisdom as to where God wants us to land (live!). We've been praying now for approximately 3 years as to where God wants us to live. Pray for clarity.
4. Most importantly pray for our future child & emmy. Pray for our newest to be in the hands of God and to be healthy and safe. Pray God would comfort him/her and all the orphans of the world. Pray for Emmy to continue in her knowledge of Him and to enjoy getting to know the Father.

Thank you!! :D

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