Thursday, July 29, 2010

Emmy's 5th Birthday

Can't believe Emmy is 5 years old now...July 7th was the beautiful day our sweet girl turned 5. Charlie and I were just looking at pictures of Emmy at 2 1/2 years old and were just in awe. How does it go that fast? Really how does time go so slow at times and yet at other times it goes so unbelievably fast?

I remember being pregnant and friends, family, strangers would all tell me to take each day in, and really appreciate every moment with Emmy. I can honestly say I did. I really feel I appreciated and loved every moment with Emmy. I didn't have a hard pregnancy, and I adjusted pretty well to becoming a Mom. Some have a really hard time with their first...I however had a great time and wasn't stressed. I really enjoyed her. I still do!

Everyone knows I want to adopt again but I hope to again enjoy the miracle of birth too! It's a beautiful gift. I feel very blessed having been apart of both giving birth and adopting. Not everyone gets to experience both.

Emmy is a beautiful gift. She is a wonderful big sister, has so much love to give, is sweet, strong, caring, smart, silly, and loves to share JESUS with anyone!
Love you baby girl!


  1. LOVE HER!! And love the pics of her... Happy Birthday Emmy :)