Sunday, August 8, 2010


I've got a fever. It's called baby fever...and I have it BAD!

I know what you are thinking "she is crazy! She just got a baby 5 months ago!" Well you are right...I am crazy!

I have hard days, good days, sleepy days. But all these days are so fun and filled with so much joy! I would love to have a full house. I just love hearing Emmy in Miah's room in the morning. They laugh, yell, and just giggle till I can't stand it and have to join the fun. It is so sweet...I am getting ready to add another. Whether another bio or through adoption we'll be praying about it and let God figure that out. ;)

Daddy however isn't ready...he is enjoying Miah and Emmy too but thinking more level headed than me. Tends to be what men do, right?

I am also itching to start an orphan ministry at our church. I am really praying about this. This would be a big step and I want it to be ALL God. I don't want to try and make this happen. I want God to make it happen so it will grow, flourish and impact people to love orphans. I am just really ready to advocate in a big way for orphans. However God wants to use me. So I am praying and waiting on Him in this too.

So we wait...we pray...and we wait some more. Sound familar?? Story of our lives, right?! Waiting, trusting, praying, and waiting some more. Although it can be difficult to wait, waiting always leads to something beautiful...

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