Friday, April 24, 2009

Emmy's big date...

Charlie has taken emmy out quite a few times before, and we've called it a Daddy/Daughter date. She gets excited of course and has a blast. Well recently Charlie had a big proposal at school and he had to wear a suit. When Emmy saw him she was so enamored with him in such a sweet way. She kept telling him how much she liked his suit, and how handsome he looked. So Charlie got the idea to dress up and come to the door to take her to on a date. He will continue to do this often to show her, and any other daughters we have, how a man should treat a woman. This is if our daughters chooses to date (against fathers wishes) after, oh about 30 yrs. old. :D

Here are some pictures of their sweet adventure tonight...and I also had to bring in the spiritual side of things. How sweet that our Heavenly Father does this with us. He is our Prince (King) Charming...He has sacrificed to be with us. He only treats us with kindness, love, compassion, mercy, grace, and waits for us to open the door of our hearts and enter in to an amazing romance with Him. He is a perfect gentleman. I pray Charlie will be a great model to guide Emmy to our heavenly father and to learn the amazing relationship we can have with Him. What a beautiful picture for Emmy to learn at such a young age.

(For all those wondering I had a wonderful evening alone. Four words for you...pedicure, coffee, quiet...priceless!)


  1. Charlie...this is the cutest thing ever! I've got to get Chris to do this with Summer...she would LOVE it! So precious! Hope you guys had a great date!

  2. Seriously so cute! I love you guys :)

  3. You are a good daddy and I will file this idea away for when Shiloh gets old enough for me to take her out on the town. Well done Charles, well done.