Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homestudy behind us!

So our Homestudy is officially complete! Our agency reviewed it in one normally takes two weeks! God is so good. I have been nervous that these last bunches of paperwork are going to take so long. God is teaching me to trust in Him a lot right now.
Charlie said something that really made sense to me. He said in baseball his coach always told them to expect a fastball but adjust to a curveball. If expecting a curveball you wouldn't really have time to adjust to a can only work the first way. With God we should do this too. Expect God to do big amazing things. In our adoption we should expect Him to expedite the process, make everything work out perfectly because this far we believe this is His plan and He has provided in everyway. But if He throws a curveball we have to adjust to it and accept it as part of His plan also...even if we don't understand it. We are learning to trust Him...His timing...His plan...His will.

Thank you for your prayers...we are moving along quite nicely. :D

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  1. BECCA!! What a HUGE and I mean HUGE answer to prayer!!!!! I'm so excited.