Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been awhile...

Sorry it's been so long since my last post!! We've had a lot going on. We have moved to Bend, OR since my last post. It's been such a weird reality to try and grasp. All my "things" and my family are with me in our new house but it still feels like vacation. It's really a strange new feeling. I've moved to a different house but never to a new town. I've always lived 20 minutes from Long Beach, CA and I've always still had the same friends...I've made new friends along the way but still always had the old ones.

Moving from your hometown is so different as those of you know who have experienced that. I don't know my surroundings, and I don't know many people. The stores are different, the weather, the people, the norms, and the dress codes even! :D Everything is so new. With the weird and hard realization of all the new and strange adjustments surrounding us comes a wonderful sense of new also.

For those of you who don't know we just came out of a long three years of my husband going to school full time and working full time. When he finished we had hopes of doing so many things. We had hopes of changing bad habits, and changing certain norms we had developed. For us I could see how that would have been hard to change our normal routine in our hometown. With this move to Oregon we have a new fresh start. We both have such strong desires to stop certain bad habits, or to start great new ones like learning to play the guitar, reading more books, start new ministries. We've already seen a fresh new start at the church we are going to attend. We are new to everyone here and there are no expectations on us! :D
It's a great feeling, but also an uncomfortable one. We love our life in Southern California and will miss it dearly!

We are just thankful for this new, fresh start and look on life. We pray during the waiting stage of the adoption that we would let God work in us for the better. To mold us and shape us to grow closer to the woman and man God wants us to be!! (And little girl He wants EMMY to be!)

Thank you all for your prayers! :D

Love the Beals


  1. Wishing you guys luck in your new home and town. We left So Cal five years ago and moved to a small, rural town and it definitely takes time to adjust. I understand the whole new dress code, church, schools, completely. You guys will find a "new normal" and I'm sure Emmy and her school will be a great way to meet other Mommies! I'll be praying for you guys during this time of adjustment!

  2. Thanks Mindi...We've been adjusting and it's all coming together. We appreciate your prayers!! :D