Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We spent our first Halloween in Bend Oregon (of course) now that we are living here. It was a great night. We've been in town a total of 7 days and have been invited to two events at my sister's friends houses. We've met alot of people and have enjoyed our time getting to know our new surroundings and our new neighbors! Our second day here our daughter climbed under our backyard fence to play with our two neighbor girls!! It was a hilarious sight and something we were looking forward to Emmy having. A fun childhood full of neighborhood friends, and kid friendly neighbors.

As I started saying tonight was Halloween. Emmy had a great time trick or treating and although it was cold...pretty stinkin' cold, we all had fun drinking our soup/wine/coffee/etc. while watching all the kids trampling along in their costume. We really are enjoying it here in Oregon and slowly getting used to the idea this is our new home. We still are missing so much about So. California, most of all our families and friends we left...but we know we will stay close to them.

Well enjoy the pictures and we wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D

Next week we'll have more on the adoption...we have to update our homestudy now that we are here in Oregon. More to come!

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