Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's getting Frosty here in Bend Oregon...this is what I woke up to this morning.

Definitely not used to seeing frost on my house or our bbq! :D It was all over the walkway and our car. We had to chip the ice off our car windows. All this to say we are still adjusting. :D

This next picture is of Emmy in her new school uniform. She is in Pre K this year and is loving it. I am all for uniforms but I was uninformed of the uniforms until the day before! So I was caught off guard and scrambled trying to find some. Mondays and Fridays they wear regular uniforms but on Wednesdays they have chapel and wear their chapel uniforms which is shown below. It is so cute! She was being silly so I couldn't get a good picture of her but you can see the cuteness still!

If you all could continue praying for us with the new transitions and with adoption. The soonest we could receive a referral is in two months (could be sooner but most likely not). It could also be another four months. We are so excited to see a picture and hear our son or daughter's name and story! I can't contain myself some days. I want to just see our child now!! :D

It's a different feeling than when I was pregnant. I was anxious to see what Emmy looked like but I also was nervous about giving birth. I knew within a week or two of my due date I would see her sweet face. It was hard but nothing like this. I have no idea when I will get a call and have a sweet picture and a story waiting in my inbox. Crazy right?!

I feel like all the hard labor (paperwork) with the adoption is done and now I wait...which is hard but not in the same way. It's more helpless than difficult. I feel helpless. I feel out of control. I feel uninformed. In the end this sweet child we are waiting for will be ours (God's), and I will one day feel a sense of "ownership", but as of now I feel like an outsider, helpless and unsure of anything regarding OUR child. It's an odd feeling that I can't quite explain. But I know once I see our child and know he/she is mine, the peace and closure will come. Maybe not right away but I will feel like "mommy" to our 2nd child one day soon...I will have all the responsibilities, rights, blessings, privileges, and FUN I do with Emmy. I can't wait!!

So will you pray with us? For us? For our child? Pray for the waiting children around the world...waiting for a forever family to love them as their own!! :D

Thank you!

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