Thursday, November 19, 2009


We got our "ON DECK" email which basically lets us know we are expected to get a referral soon!! It could be one month to three months. It's kind of a long range to be waiting for "THE CALL" but this is the next step and we couldn't be more excited!!

Please pray with us that we will recieve a court date soon after and that we will pass court the 1st time. 60% of people pass the first time. 40% need a second court date. This could all postpone traveling to pick up our baby. We'd appreciate your prayers.

Most important we ask for your prayers for our family. Baby, Emmy, Charlie and I...

For God's comfort, love, and grace to fall on our sweet child waiting for his/her forever family. For our child's family...peace and comfort to FALL ON THEM.

For our family to be at peace with God's timing and with His sovereign plan in all things.

We are excited at this new place we are at in the adoption...we want to rejoice in all things!! Thanks be to God the Father for this beautiful gift!! :D

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  1. Hi Becca! Thank You so much for leaving the sweet comment on our blog! I am so sorry I have not been in contact with you. I have been thinking of you recently and was wondering if you had received your referral call. You have been on my to do list to call. I really wanted to get togther with you and I had no idea you moved. Please email me @
    I would love to get your contact info we could get in touch. I am so excited you are so close to knowing who your precious little one is! Blessings to you and your family!