Monday, November 16, 2009

Update on our projected referral time...

I checked our agency's blog today and learned that the wait time for a referral is now at 4-6 months. This is 1-3 months SHORTER than it was previously. We are excited about possibly getting a referral in DECEMBER!! Crazy...but it could also be Febuary. We'll wait and pray and see. :D

We still have to update our homestudy which is happening in early December so hopefully nothing will be postponed or delayed. Our agency has confirmed our adoption will not be delayed because of our moving but I am still anxious about everything falling into place. I know even set backs will play into the child God has destined for us...trying to remember this if there are delays. :D

I would like to ask for your prayers. Would you pray that we would be prepared to see our child? We will recieve a picture and a page or two of information with our referral packet. Within 48 hours we need to accept or pass on this referral. We want to hear God's voice...we want the child HE has ordained for us. Please pray with us that we will know if we should accept or pass on this first referral. When we see that little face (or faces) we would hear God's voice, not ours. Thank you so much.

Once we accept a referral we then are issued a court date (in Ethiopia). Once we are issued this court date we will then need to wait to hear if we PASSED court or not. In the case that we PASS court the first time (only some 60% pass the first time) we will then fly to Ethiopia in a week or so.

If we do not pass court we will wait for our new court date and wait to see if we pass then. This process can go on as long as it needs until the judge is satisfied with our paperwork. Please also pray with us that we will indeed pass court the FIRST time. I can't imagine having this picture of our child and knowing He/She is around the globe just waiting for us to take them home!! My heart breaks just thinking about it. I know God is sovereign and continue to pray my head and heart would agree in this and rest in it. :D

Thank you again for your prayers!!
Love the Beal family.

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