Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're going crazy here at the Beal house!! We're going crazy because we can't believe that we could get a call with a referral so soon! I know what you are thinking..."Slow down Becca, it could be a month or more. Take it slow and don't get ahead of yourself." I understand what you are saying and I know you're trying to save me from anxious feelings and heartache if it doesn't come soon...but I just keep thinking there is a CHANCE it could be soon!! AHHHHHH!!!!! We're so excited!

All this to say I feel a little like this...


We'll to pass time I will update you on some things we've been up to. We've been exploring Bend quite a bit since being here. We've had two friends visit and we are really loving our new home and city. Below are pictures from the past week. We have a snow storm in our backyard, ice skating for the first time, couch sports, and pictures from Traditions at Sunriver Resort where we got to ride a horse sled, drink yummy hot chocolate, see Santa, and do fun crafts and face painting.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and we can't wait to update you when we get a referral!! It will be an amazing day...then we wait for our court date and approval.

Thanks for your prayers!
Beal Family :D

P.S. We have our homestudy update Saturday December 5th. Will you pray with us that our background check goes through smoothly and quickly? We really don't want any delays! Thanks!


  1. I love your posts becca. You do a great job communicating everything. I can't wait to get the call from you that you got the referral!!! :)

  2. Nice post crazy eyes. We miss you down in warm country SoCal. Much love