Monday, December 7, 2009

We got our REFERRAL!!

I would also like to announce that we recieved a referral for a beautiful baby boy who is about 7 months. We accepted his referral and can't wait to hold him.
Praise be to GOD!! :D

Stay tuned for more information and prayers. We need them desperately!!


  1. Hi-I just saw your post on my blog and then I come here and see that you just got your referral!!! WOW...congratulations. I hope you still come to Temecula sometimes...would love to meet you and your little boy. I will follow along and can't wait to see his sweet face :)

  2. Thanks Harmony! I will definitely let you know next time we are in Temecula. The adoption/ethiopian community is so important to us for our sweet boy to have. We would love to meet as many families in our same situation as possible! I will have to follow along with your blog as well...I love seeing what amazing things God does through the miracle of adoption! :D

  3. CONGRATULATIONS BECCA and FAMILY!!! I just saw that AWAA received referrals and immediately thought of you! I am rejoicing with you and will be praying for you! Can't wait to hear more about your beautiful boy! Thank You Jesus for this gift!