Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here is the new information we got on Jeremiah!! Yay! He has gained weight and his new pictures are ADORABLE! It (kinda) relieves me knowing he is happy and healthy. :D Enjoy!

Name: Eyob Beal
Measurements: Taken on: January 25,2006 Weight: 16 pounds Height: 69 cm Head Circumference: 44 cm
Eating/Health: He eats cereals, fruits, pastini( a type of pasta specially prepared for babies) ,vegetables, …in addition to formula. He has been healthy.
Development/Physical: He rolls over. He sits without support.
Personality/Other Comments: He is happy and content. He makes funny faces :D He likes toys especially small size balls.
1. What do Eyob's favorite Nannies say about him, his habits, and personality?
The nannies say that Eyob is a happy baby, he is easy going and doesn’t cry unless he is hungry, or have a wet diaper or other kids touch his toy.
2. How does he respond to older children?
He is friendly if they play with him.
3. Does Eyob sleep well? :D
Yes, he sleeps well.
4. How often does Eyob eat?
He takes formula 7 times per day and solid food 3 times per day.
5. What milestones has he hit? Sitting? Holds head up, etc?
He can sit, hold his head and chest up while on tummy, he can reach out and grasp toys.


  1. NOT FUNNY! NOT FUNNY AT ALL! I am in love with my nephew!

  2. He is just precious. Grandaddy and Mimi can't wait to love on him. Love him so much!