Saturday, January 16, 2010

We COVET your prayers...

Our court date is Jan. 20th in Ethiopia. Tuesday January 19th at about 8-9pm our time a judge will review our case and decide to pass us or not. We are asking for your prayers. Pray with us first for our sweet little boy...God protect, provide, and grow our sweet Jeremiah. Will you also pray with us that we pass court this Tuesday in the middle of the night?
The statistics are 60% of cases pass the first time. We know our God is bigger than those stats. Will you pray with us that we will pass the first time!? We pray that the desires of our hearts are in line with God's will.

Assuming we pass...we will be traveling 4-5 weeks later to pick up our sweet boy! :D

We Praise the LORD our GOD not because of circumstances but because HE IS GOOD and HE IS GOD!

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