Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A friend took pictures of our boy!! :D

Our dear friend whom we have been in contact with through our agency took pictures and video of our sweet boy since we couldn't be in this travel group to pick him up. She was so sweet to do this while she could have been sleeping...Thank you KRISTI! :D

"I met Jeremiah today!!! Believe it or not, they brought out the wrong child first after we had taken all pics & video. Then the coordinator said- oops wrong child.!! So I waited until they brought out your precious son. He is tiny- with small facial features....very cute boy!! He had a 6-9 mth outfit and soft baby shoes. He didn't want to stand on my lap, so don't think he was used to standing up. He had the chicken pox at some point and has lots of marks all over his body from it. Not scars, but lots of marks esp. on his face. I'm sure they'll fade in time. He must love his nanny because he was scared of me and kept wanting to cry. Got lots of pics and video for you!! Miss you-Kristi"

So excited to hold him and see him for myself!! Praying for the transition as it seems like he is attached to his nanny. This is a good thing though! The first couple days may be hard for us...but we are praying he will attach quickly to us! :D

Pray with us for sweet little Jeremiah and this new transition he will experience. For Charlie Emmy and I too. This is going to be a big change...A good, big change! :D

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  1. Oh becca! This brought tears to my eyes! Can't wait for you to have him. LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!