Monday, March 15, 2010

Fwd: We met our son!!!!!!

Our son is amazing and silly...he is the life of the Transition Home so the doctor tells us!  All the nannies and staff were making him laugh and smile.  What a blessing our sweet boy is to us!  Excuse me as this post is coming to you in pure exhaustion.  3 days with about 9 hours of sleep doesn't sit well with me!!  This will be short but hopefully sweet...Praying the pictures come through.
We drove through the 'infamous" gate of the TH and saw the stairs where we had seen so many other families meet their children.  My heart was racing and I felt nauseous.  Really I did...I was nervous.  They informed us right before they brought him out that he was sleeping and they were going to wake him up.  He came out sad but put his little head on my chest.  Tears were coming of course...Our boy was finally in our arms.  Thank you Jesus...
He had a hard time going back to sleep but finally did after maybe 10 minutes or so.  He slept on me (yay!) for about 45 minutes or so.  When he woke up he was a little scared and unsure.  We got a few half smiles out of him.  But then we walked into the doctors office to talk about his file and medical records.  He lit up!!  Smiled at the doctor and the nannies...he was throwing his head back in laughter and just being plain silly!!  We loved it!  It showed us his will probably take awhile till he feels completely comfortable with us but after seeing people he knew he was much more comfortable with us holding him. 

WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH HIM!!  And tomorrow is our "Gotcha Day"...we take him in our arms for good!
We would appreciate your prayers for sleep!  For Jeremiah to trust us and God to comfort his little grieving heart.  For the Embassy Appt. which is long and important as we get his visa there!  And for us just to adjust as a family. 

Ethiopia is so beautiful and a country with such rich culture.  We went to a resturant where precious people performed music and dancing.  We got so choked up thinking about Jeremiah not fully knowing his culture and being taken out of it.  We know it is better than him being raised in an institution of course but I was still sad.  We are going to try to really embrace the Ethiopian culture in our family.  We want him to know what Ethiopia is about and to be proud he was born there.
Love to you all!

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  1. oh man...I am crying with joy for you guys! I am praying constantly for Jeremiah to adjust and feel safe with you. :)