Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's here!!

We leave in 2 days!! We are so excited and thrilled to be at this stage and to bring our boy home. We are humbly asking you to cover us in prayer this next week. We leave Saturday morning the 13th at 7:55am and arrive on Sunday the 14th in Ethiopia at 7:50pm (8:50am PST). We will be in Ethiopia till Friday the 19th at 10pm (11am PST) and arrive at LAX on Saturday the 20th at 3:21pm.

Prayer requests:
1. Safe travel there, in country, back to US and flying home to OR too.
2. Safety and comfort for Charlie, Becca, Jeremiah and Emmy. Emmy will stay in the US with family so please pray for her and us as we miss eachother.
3. For Jeremiah as his world is going to change alot. Attachment to be smooth and quick.
4. Pray for all legistics to go smooth and fall into place.
5. Pray for our Embassy appointment on Wednesday morning (Tuesday night PST). This is the final step to OFFICIALLY taking Jeremiah home!! We get his Visa this day...Pray everything goes smooth and that there are no hiccups! :D
6. Pray for the flight home with Jeremiah...24 hours on a plane with our little man! Oh pray!! Ha! :D

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement...We can't wait to show him off to you all!

Becca ;D

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  1. Becca, I loved visiting with you the other day. I just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. What a beautiful gift you have been given! I am rejoicing with you and cannot wait to see your sweet baby boy in your arms. God Bless You! Sarah