Monday, February 22, 2010

Still don't know when we are traveling...

We were supposed to find out for sure today. Our agency was going to meet with the US Embassy last night while we all slept (daytime in ET) but they couldn't meet for some reason. So tonight while we sleep they will meet with the Embassy for sure ;) and we should REALLY know tomorrow.

Today we also found out that our 171-H form has a typo error on it!!!! We cannot travel until this gets fixed. Will you all pray with us that USCIS will correct this error and electronically file it instead of snail mail? Thank you! It's been a rough morning, but I am resting in God's mercy and grace today. We so don't deserve it but He gives it freely.

Funny side note: After receiving information from other people in our group of different delays (like one an airline strike!?) I felt the need to proclaim God's truths out loud, to proclaim that we are standing firm in God alone and that He is victorious. I didn't think Emmy knew what I was talking about (probably thought her mom had gone crazy!)...but she started chanting "We want eyob, we want eyob, we want eyob!!". I needed a good laugh and I love how sensitive she is to spiritual things. I love her and WE WANT EYOB! :D

We appreciate your prayers!

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