Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting still...


God has moved mountains on our behalf and on Jeremiah's behalf. ALL OUR PAPERWORK HAS GONE THROUGH TO ADDIS!! Praise the Lord. Again this should have taken weeks and yet it was done in one day. :D

We did hear today however that the US Embassy hasn't confirmed our appointment times (as a group) in Ethiopia. We can't travel until they do. Monday our agency should hear something from them and they will either confirm or delay our dates. Surprisingly I was ok with this email. Every delay...seriously EVERY delay I have been a wreck. Crying was the least of it. I would be depressed and just all around sad. This time I just laughed. Literally. I don't know if I am naive because God has been moving us along when we should have been left in the dust, but I am trusting and believing we will still travel in February. It seems impossible but I know with God it is possible. Like I've written about before, Charlie has been believing we'd travel in February the whole adoption process and with all the surprising (miraculous more like it!) turn of events it was possible...within our grasp. I am now, finally, on board with him. Like he has been saying all along "I am going to believe it's February until it isn't".

Pray with us in accordance to the will of Christ Jesus our Lord that we will travel Feb. 27th...and if God's will is otherwise we will accept that and pray for strength and hope of a date soon.

Thank you dear friends!
Still waiting...

(Above are some photos I took recently of emmy...enjoy. :D)

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