Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So while I am waiting to hear about our homestudy update being passed and the National Visa Center recieving it I have been slowly collecting Jeremiah's baby bedding. I found a bumper for $8 dollars at Target (with a gift card it was $0) and I've been looking online for the sheet to go with it. I even called Target to ask if it was discontinued or just out of stock. They informed me it was out of stock and would be available in the next week. Well it's been about two weeks now. I go on to the Target site everyday (sometimes twice a day) to see if it's available. It still reads UNAVAILABLE. It's really annoying.
Here is the Bedding...Cute right?!

Well lately I've been feeling overwhelmed and emotional about when we are going to get our boy. I feel like it's kinda like going on the Target website everyday. I check my email...call a few people...and check my email again. Everytime it feels like there is a big UNAVAILABLE sign above little Jeremiah's head. I have never waited for anything this important...I've never waited to love someone like this before. This is the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Everyday I cry when I see his sweet picture...everyday I plead on his behalf to my Lord and Savior...and everyday I wait for an answer. God gently reminds me of two things.
1. Although He cares for my concerns and my heart there are other people going through worse...much worse. Haiti comes to mind, people who have waited longer or had harder situations in adoption.
2. "God is faithful to ALL His promises and loving toward all he has made."
Psalm 146:13b

Still waiting...and as of today in "human terms" it looks like we may not be traveling Feb. 27th. But we know God can make it happen and that He doesn't work in Human terms. :D

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  1. Love you bub! Praying Praying Praying for you guys and baby Jeremiah!